Articles sending to the edition pass preliminary expertise (They are examined by appropriate editors-specialists in corresponding branch of science) and are received in required order. Requirements are resulted in registration of the original of articles in «Rules for authors» published in each issue of the journal.

If the manuscript was accepted edition in forms the author of the remark on the maintenance and registration of article which are necessary for eliminating before the text transfer on reviewing. Then articles are reviewed in obligatory order by associate editors of journal or experts of a corresponding speciality (candidates and doctors of sciences).

The review should contain well founded transfer of qualities of article, including scientific novelty of a problem, its necessity (actual), and factological and historical values, accuracy of citing, style of a statement, use of modern sources and also motivated transfer of its lacks. In conclusion the general estimation of article and the recommendation for an editorial board is given to publish article, to publish it after completion, to send on additional review to the specialist in certain subjects, to reject. Review volume must not be less than one page of the text.

Article accepted to the publication, but needing completion goes to authors with remarks of reviewer and the editor. Authors should make all necessary corrections to a definite variant of the manuscript and return to edition the corrected text, and also its identical electronic variant (copy) together with an initial variant of the manuscript. After completion article is repeatedly reviewed by editorial board, the decision also makes on its publication. Article is considered accepted to the publication in the presence of the positive review and if it is supported by associate editors. The order and sequence of the publication of article is defined depending on date of receipt of its definitive variant. Manuscript reviewing is carried out confidentially.

Disclosure of confidential details of reviewing of the manuscript breaks the rights of the author. To reviewers does not allow to remove a copy of articles for the needs. Reviewers and also associate editors have no right to use in own interests the information containing in the manuscript before its publications.